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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Wow! Did we ever get dirty today! What were we doing, you ask?

Mudslinging. Literally. We mixed cement in round shallow tubs then troweled some out onto boards with trowels. Palettes, broken tiles.. Whatever we could find really, and then we'd wet a section of wall, pick up a glob of muddy cement with our makeshift trowels, aim, and then we'd FLING it at the wall until it was covered.

And until we were covered.

Good times in Ecuador, kids. Good times. Adam would mix the cement PERFECTLY so the cement would stick to the wall; the little builder would come and chuck in a gallon of water to thin it out; Adam would shovel in more cement. Tamara suddenly got a chemical burn all over her legs which Adam treated immediately and effectively. She'd already done twice the mudslinging of the rest of us and had been incredibly effective so we encouraged her to back away from the toxic concrete... Really, she was making us look bad...

We worked hard. 

Then mama Carito helped us all wash up as best we could and we called it a day... Had the BEST ice cream break at a gas station on the way back... Ice cream bars taste mighty awesome when you're sweaty and dirty and exhausted and you just peed in a toilet with no seat and a barrel of water for flushing... No tp... 

Like I said. Good times! 

But the encouragement of a team full of women and men who genuinely love the Lord and love each other, the wonderful meals, the friendship of our drivers Ricardo and Daniel and Julio and our amazing friend and translator and protector Tatiana, and the laughter and singing and sharing each others stories and hopes and pain and fears and joys in the van to and from our work? 

I find myself without words. 

We love you and miss you and are so thankful for your encouragement and prayers and this opportunity to serve and love and represent you and all you've poured into us. 

Dios te bendiga
God bless you

"By the grace of God I am what I am",

Your friend,



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